ALEMAR Consulting Inc.
Technology Planning, Management, and E-Rate Services

Since 1997, ALEMAR Consulting Inc. has been providing  Services to clients across several states. ALEMAR aims at providing unique and indispensable Educational and Information Technology services, offering knowledgeable and experienced “just-in-time” administrators that allow our clients to dynamically realize their technology objectives.


ALEMAR provides a variety of administrative services including management of the Universal Services E-Rate program that provides discounts (20%-90%) to schools, libraries, and rural health care centers for telecommunications services (Internet) and the internal connections to make distribute Broadband within facilities, including support contracts. 

ALEMAR has been providing eRate services to schools since the program’s inception. Not only are we familiar with the process, its regulations and nuances but we are extremely experienced with navigating the system, knowing how to react and interact with its demands within rigid time frames.

Technology Planning – An approved technology plan is required by most state and federal technology-related grant initiatives including E-rate. Although necessary to qualify for funding, a technology plan is an extremely important strategic document and should be integral to the District’s overall strategic plan. Technology and support services are expensive; it is imperative that the appropriate choices are made within a well-developed framework in order to achieve your stated technology goals. 

ALEMAR can help frame, facilitate and conduct technology-planning measures tailored to your needs while addressing the requirements of state and federal agencies. This plan becomes the road map from which all decisions and initiatives spring. Monitoring, evaluation, and revision of the plan assures that the effort stays the course, integral to the District's culture and the business of education.
Curriculum Renovation – ALEMAR principals are experienced educators and technologists who understand both the meaningful application of appropriate technologies into educational environments, as well as how to articulate this to those who will be expected to provide these services within a building or classroom. Technology supports curricular goals better when it is taken into account as curiculum is revised.


ALEMAR offers the ability to manage your SIS data collection, error correction, and reporting, or we can assist in organization and policy for data flow and analysis of your SIS. Additionally, we manage or assist with State reporting from your SIS.